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26 Jun


Tied low on the waist, pinned high on the shoulder, paired with a mismatching blouse, woven in traditional fabric or crafted in sexy chiffon, the six-yard drape called the sari is being reborn on the Indian fashion scene.

Experimentation with draping styles, endorsement by celebrities spin to this piece of clothing are popularising it among the younger lot of women.

“Over the past few years, designers and Bollywood have played a lot with sari drapes, embroideries and colours. However, the sari today, in its most sexy avatar, is targeting young girls”.


Keeping It Simple This Vintage Saree

20 Mar

A striking image of what must have been a most beautiful saree; I think it is from a high quality turn-of-the-century post card.  I like the patterned border finished off with a solid woven gold band.

The soft blouse and pretty sleeves, just enough jewellery, and that swath of gold on the pallu make me positively rapturous!  Even the dotted field is such a feminine touch, simple and regular but adding a lightness to the material.

The very petite young woman is quite composed, looking cool and serene rather than cute – thank goodness!  We are left to imagine for ourselves what color the saree might have been, or if available to buy today,

what color would you want?

this extract is from : http://sareedreams.com/2011/06/keeping-it-simple-this-vintage-saree-sunday/

Choose Saree

19 Mar

Sari is a traditional Indian outfit that symbolizes grace and beauty. Sari has been around for ages yet never goes out of fashion. The best thing about a sari is that it can fit almost any and every occasion.

There are numerous new trends that fashion designers have imparted to the sari making it appealing to the modern woman. You can look very feminine and sexy if you chose the right sari in accordance with your body type and your skin tone.

Unlike wearing a western outfit, even women who are slightly over-weighted can carry off a sari with grace and elan. This article has useful information on how you can wear a sari that best suits your body type.

  • Saree for Skinny Women :

    Skinny women may not look sexy and desirable since they do not have voluptuous curves and sexy assets. However, a sari can make even skinny women look sexy if you chose the right fabric. If you are skinny, look for saris in fabrics like tussar silk, cotton, organza and tissue. Such fabrics will make your figure look fuller and make you look sexier.

  • Saris to Suit Short and Slightly Over-weight Women :

    If you are petite and slightly over-weight, do not wear saris with heavily embellished contrasting borders.
    Such designs can make you look shorter. Also, saris that have too many bold prints and color contrasts are not ideal for short women. If you are short, you can opt for saris in chiffon, Georgette or silk in monochromatic colors.

  •  Saris for Tall and Slim Women :

    Saris suit tall women very well. If you are tall and slim you can carry off almost any sari style. Saris in bold colors and contrasting heavy borders look great on tall women. Raw silk, pure silk and cotton saris make tall women look very elegant. Sheer saris in net and lace embellished with heavy borders also look trendy and stylish on tall and slim women.

  • Sari Shades and Styles to Suit Your Complexion:

    While wearing a sari it is important to keep in mind that the color and shade of your sari must suit your complexion. Not only is it important that the fabric of the sari you chose suits your body type, the color of the sari must compliment your skin tone. You can also choose your sari color and design based on the occasion and the time of the day when you will be wearing it.

    If you are very fair, almost any shade of a sari will suit you. Pastel shades such as pinks, lavender, peach, etc. will look great for an evening event. A sari for an evening or night function must be glamorous and sexy. It must have the right embellishments in form of sequins or silver embroidery. Shades such as turquoise, emerald green, etc. too look great on fair skinned women. For a day event you can chose earthy tones such as maroon, orange, etc in fabrics such as silk or cotton.

    If you are slightly dusky, refrain from wearing very bright colors such as orange, fuchsia, etc. These shades can make you look darker.

Indian casual women sarees

17 Mar

Indian casual women sarees are worn by every lady once. Casual sarees are those sarees which can be worn out in office and as working place termed as casual sarees or daily wear sarees, these casual sarees are comfortable but yet stylish sarees.

The fabric used for women casual sarees are usually cotton, chiffon or any other soft fabric that is comfortable to wear at office and for daily use. But the casual sarees in offices are mostly cover up shoulder and back blouses.

In casual sarees printed sarees are also a popular one to be used as casual women sarees, Or casual office sarees, Sarees for Office. You can even buy casual sarees designs online or for Casual Sarees Designs.

Printed sarees due to their comfort and simplicity make the best casual wear sarees. They are extremely easy to wear, easy to carry off and equally easy to wash and maintain. Sarees made of chiffon; georgette and crepe fabrics are also very reasonably priced and can be worn as casual wear.

Sarees made of these fabrics generally have prints on them. You will find all color combinations and all designs printed on the sarees. Printed sarees give a very colorful and dignified look. Printed sarees may also have embroidered borders or laces attached on the borders.

Printed sarees in faux georgette, faux chiffon, shimmer georgette sarees etc, in bright and vivid shades with eye-catching printed pattern are perfect for everyday wear. Apart from being extremely light and comfortable, casual printed sarees are quite convenient as one need not worry about the embellishments getting spoilt, special washing techniques etc.

Silk Sarees : Wins Women Heart

13 Mar

Wedding silk sarees have won the hearts of many women around the globe.

Elegant shades and classy look of our silk sarees make it a preferred choice for wearing at formal occasions. Our ranges of sarees are woven using high quality silk and are adorned with ethnic designs.

It is a spiral fact Indian weddings are incomplete without the Indian silk sarees. It is an age old tradition to gift silk saris to families while inviting them for wedding. Silk sari is an important part of South Indian weddings.

These saris are good for gifting and also one can buy online via shopping portals.

Silk is basically a protein fiber, produced by the silkworm for spinning around its cocoon. This fiber (filament) is unwound to obtain silk. Yarn is produced by twisting the fiber, which is then dyed, warped and finally woven to produce fabric.

Silk for silk sarees must have rich, vibrant colors and wonderful hues. The silks for silk sarees from Kanchipuram are the finest in the world. Indian silk sarees has been popular the word over-for its sheer variety of designs, weaving and quality. This is largely due to the fact that India has the unique distinction of producing different varieties of silk.

Celebs in Trendy Saree….

27 Feb

Now a days it is not quite often that we see Bollywood & Hollywood  actresses in sarees. When they do wear sarees they wear them in style showing us the latest trends.

 Deepika Padukone:

As opposed to popular notion that cotton sarees are not for parties, Deepika pulled it off perfectly. Love the way she is wearing cotton saree with Long Jhumkas and little shiny Bindi.

Deepika Padukone in saree

Saree Trends followed by Deepika :Long Jhumkas, Saree and embroidered

Diya Mirza in Saree


Diya Mirza:

She has made a come back and so her fashion. Diya looks great with the blue saree, long Jhumkas, bangles and clutch.

Saree Trends followed by Diya Mirza: Long Jhumkas with bangles, Saree with embroidered Choli.

Zardosi karigar or hand work

27 Feb

Hand working on sarees is an art and designs are made according to current trends of royal taste.

Zardosi is working purely display the wealth in garments worn by men and women. Zardosi Embroidery is the results of amazing talent in designs and needle work.

The Zardosi karigar or Hand worker sits on the floor behind the wooden equipment working on a piece of wood and thread to enable him to work easily. The speed, at which hands move, with a small pencil like curved needle at the tip, is simply amazing. “ this frame we use to tie the cloth so that the material is stiff while we are doing t

he handwork or embroidery”

Every needle is generally given numbered such as numbered nine etc.

Zardosi design is charged as per the design and the material used for handwork or embroidery. They use variety of material zari, sequence, beeds, or shiny stones which look like diamonds.Most of the Zardosi workers or karigar in Navsari are women. These women can be

trained o the job. This is an effort to make women financially independent.

Zardosi work is designed according to need or budget. Simple Zardosi work charged less than heavy Zardosi work.

Party Wear Sarees

20 Feb

Roop Sangam offers you a lovely combination of design, color and fabric. The party wear sarees look elegant and fascinating.

These saree basically contain different types of thread work done!

Indian Party wear sarees are made from different fabrics like silk, chiffon, crepe etc…

When we talk about parties there are normally: birthdays, marriages, Events (Official / Personal).

Indians celebrate all occasions with a great enthusiasm and want to look glam.

Today there are many dresses available in market both Indian/ Western but on many occasions still women prefer wearing a saree.

Keeping in mind how women would present her on occasion, Roop Sangam offers affordable and attractive, exquisite collection to ensure that party turn outs to be full of enjoyment…

Painting Of Saree

20 Feb

This detail shows part of an amazing temple painting of Parvati with her companions from Lepakshi, Andhra Pradesh.  They demonstrate the “cosmopolitan culture of the Vijayanagar Empire.”

Most of the women wear wonderful sarees wrapped in intricate ways.  The colour choices and natural pigments represented are so harmonious, and beautifully accent the curved elements and decorated borders.  These designs could be reproduced on sarees today and still look cool, delicate and fashionable.

No cholis were needed 450 years ago, but I suppose we’d better have some now.

Designer Saree – The New Era of Saree Designers…

14 Feb

The appearance of designer saree has been creating a great grand impact. Sarees are the traditional attire of India, where the history of origin can be traced back for over 5000 years.
The wearing sarees has undergone invariable changes where the importance of the most conventional attire has never vanished or got reduced.

Women are no longer required to wear the traditional and boring old saris of their mothers and grandmothers.

Along with the development of textile industry and fashion world, a range of sarees are introduced now and then. The latest and most prominent among them is nothing but a designer saree.

Designer saris are the only option of many women for all kinds of occasions, in particular wedding and party events.

If you ask me what a designer saree is, it is nothing but the transformation of traditional sarees with a range of modernizations combined with contemporary patterns. They are created in various colors with unusual designs and cuts. Generally, a women can wear a traditional saree in around 15 different styles, whereas, designer saris facilitate women to wear it in more than 40 different styles offering unique and stylish appearance. Rich designs are engraved in the designer saris, which include customized and contemporary prints, zari work, zardozi work, beads work, hand painting, embroidery, stones and beads, sequins, mirrors and much more.

Each designer saree is the outcome of the dream of the best sari designers and the artwork of the artists. Most designer saris are handmade.

Designer saris are always in the limelight of the fashion industry and considered the hot trend in the market, where the entire credit should be given to sari designers. Sari designers pay great attention to making an impressive designer saree with a graceful look. Moreover, they include unusual styles and creative patterns in the sarees, which are currently hot in the fashion market and highly demanded.


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