Zardosi karigar or hand work

27 Feb

Hand working on sarees is an art and designs are made according to current trends of royal taste.

Zardosi is working purely display the wealth in garments worn by men and women. Zardosi Embroidery is the results of amazing talent in designs and needle work.

The Zardosi karigar or Hand worker sits on the floor behind the wooden equipment working on a piece of wood and thread to enable him to work easily. The speed, at which hands move, with a small pencil like curved needle at the tip, is simply amazing. “ this frame we use to tie the cloth so that the material is stiff while we are doing t

he handwork or embroidery”

Every needle is generally given numbered such as numbered nine etc.

Zardosi design is charged as per the design and the material used for handwork or embroidery. They use variety of material zari, sequence, beeds, or shiny stones which look like diamonds.Most of the Zardosi workers or karigar in Navsari are women. These women can be

trained o the job. This is an effort to make women financially independent.

Zardosi work is designed according to need or budget. Simple Zardosi work charged less than heavy Zardosi work.


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