About Us!

In 1977 it expanded to 3 storey showroom keeping  only sarees. Roopsangam was the first store to start the store on 1st as well as on the second floor without the elevators.In 1982-83 roop sangam started advertising as a sponsor on dd-metro chanel for the famous soap GAUTYA keeping in mind maharashtrians as core clients.

In the year 2003 roop sangam opened a store in vashi – navi Mumbai which was the new city in the making in the new mall CENTER ONE near the vashi station.In 2006 roop sangam became the sponsor for the famous paithani sarees in HOME MINISTER in zee t.v. Roop sangam became the booster for the village YEOLA village where the paithani sarees are manufactured.Roop sangam is always regularly updated via decor, services,comfort etc with the change of times.

It is ever fresh as per the client requirement since its inception.Roop sangam is a trend setter in dadar and mumbai with the above experiences.Roop san gam now caters to Maharashtrians, south Indians, and other communities for traditional sarees that comes from all the weaving centers of India.

Roopsangam is famous for  fine collections, quality, fair prices and  services to the clients across the world.


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